Gossip Hirl Season 6 Episode 1

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I can't wait for the upcoming episode can you?

The gossip girl season 6 episode 1 is an American teen drama which is based on a book written by Cecily von Ziegesar. The drama is also known as 'gone maybe gone' and is written by John Schwartz portrays a lot teen characteristics since the name of this season is believed to be found from the characters of some of the characters such as Blair, Dan and Chuck. The episode was written by Mark Piznarski whom is believed to be the best and a genius in this field.
Gossip girl season 6 episode 1 has different scenes which make it more and interesting to watch, the fist scene is at the party when Serena storms into a party that has not been invited hence making the drama more crazy and enjoyable, the other scene is when Chuck recalls those days when he used to crash into parties which they were not invited. Scene 3 is when a crew of crashers rang unfamiliar door bells and they appear when they are well dressed and with make ups and looked really nice. Serena opens her inner eyes and realized that she was lying on someone's bed and felt a lot during realization.
There are more scenes in gossip girl season 6 episode 1 whereby Chuck and Blair appears conspiratorial and somehow haughty. On the other hand, Nate look more handsome dressed in a suit and admires his shoulder making it an interesting scene in this episode. Georgina expresses business determination and ended up exposing everyone hence making up a new angle of her own, Serena is also in a conflict with her emotions and she finds herself telling Dan to have a fresh start and this is very unbelievable and spiraling than ever. The scenes goes on and on until the end of this episode making it a big bet to watch more and more.